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A living list of Data Storytelling tools

Posted on Wednesday, January 2nd 2013

A living list of Data Storytelling tools
We all love tools! Of course, will keep you updated on software and other tools that can help you to create and tell stories around your data.
This list will focus on tools used to create stories around data. It will not be a list of all data analytics tools or “big data” tools… We will focus on tools that bring a dedicated module or feature for creating stories. From time to time when I will have the opportunity to test each of these tools, I will add a link to my review.

If you know a tool that should be in this list, please send me an email at and I will be happy to analyze if it can fit my rules. If you find a broken link, please keep me informed, I will try to update this list quickly to keep it accurate.

Tools coming from the "Business Intelligence" space

- Yellowfin Storyboard / review in progress
- Microsoft Powerview / to be reviewed
- SAS Visual Analytics / to be reviewed
- Tableau Software / to be reviewed

Tools from the "video" space

- Klynt / review in progress
- Tactilize / to be reviewed

Specialized tools

- / review in progress

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