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A mix of data, sounds, voices, animation and images to reproduce Asiana 214 crash in SFO

Posted on Thursday, July 11th 2013

On July 6th, an Asiana Airlines flight, coded 214, crashed when landing at SFO (San Francisco Airport). Five days after this accident, a video was released on YouTube to tell the beginning of the story of this crash. Of course, we have to wait for official investigations. But based on collected data, recorded sound, people from Eyewitness Animations produced a video that tells the story of this crash. From our point of view, focusing on data storytelling, this video is a masterpiece of what you can do with animation software, fed by flight data and recorded sound of the conversation between the pilot and the airport. It’s a dramatic story, but this video is a perfect illustration of data storytelling power. You understand what you see!

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