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A movie to show how Liferay source code have been created

Posted on Tuesday, January 22nd 2013

In a 8’ piece of visual art, Liferay shows us how the source code of their open source project have evolved during six years. Data from code and structure of the project have been collected and visualized into a tree. This tree has grown from May 2006 until today.

Liferay published a video compiling six years of development in eight minutes. Using tools developed by Gource and other open source programs and content, they created this visual tree. It tells us the story of the root directory of Liferay project. You can see people involved in the development and directories they were working on.

It doesn’t tell you very much about the Liferay project. It’s more a metaphor to compare a growing project to a growing tree. It doesn’t give you insights about the data. It’s pleasant and beautiful. But, to be a real story it would be interesting to add information about the environment: I assume that all lines of code don’t have the same weight in the project, I imagine that the implication of each developer changed during the project, It could be interesting to compare the development cycle with downloads, or adding a timeline about maturity of the global project… many ideas to add insights and transform a great data visualization into a real story.

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