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Posted on Tuesday, January 1st 2013

Once upon a time... Let data tell you their stories...

Philippe NIEUWBOURG is an independent website, dedicated to storytelling around data.
Big Data, analytics, reporting, data warehouse, business intelligence… everything in the XXI century seems to be about data. And data visualization is the “new” language to explain what you found inside your data. talks about methods, tools, and best practices about storytelling with data. I operate this web site. My name is Philippe Nieuwbourg. I am an independent analyst, journalist, and author, with 20 years experience specializing in business analytics and data intelligence. Based in Montreal, Canada, and Paris, France, I address every day trends, insights, and industry activity relating to business and market intelligence as a leading contributor to the Decideo community. I am a proud member of BBBT (Boulder BI Brain Trust) and lecturer at UQAM (University of Quebec in Montreal). I was was one of the first to identify the value of combining data visualization and storytelling in the new approach of "Data Storytelling". Used in my education job, these technics helps me to become an edutainer.

Please comment, share, debate, and keep me informed about your ideas and tools!

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- Send me a snail mail but you will have to find my address… :-)

I am an independent industry analyst, and author, with 20 years experience specializing in business... Know more about this author

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