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Adatao record your business discovery as a story

Posted on Wednesday, August 13th 2014

Another way to tell a story is just to linearly add each step after the previous one. That’s how Adatao imagines its “Visual Data Narratives” function in pInsights. pInsights is the communication and visualization layer of pAnalytics, its Big Data solution.

Remember the old times of computing when interacting with an IBM System/360, or any of this generation computer, wasn’t trough screen, but through a printer; through a keyboard-printer also called Teletype or TTY. Each command sent to the computer was printed on the paper; The Computer was working, and printing the results just over the command on the same printer. By reading, bottom-up, the printed-paper, you could review the story from beginning to end. It was most useful when computers could run hours before printing a result, when screens was not reliable as today, and when a small mistake in the query could totally change the results of your request.

Adatao used the same idea, but top-down reading on the screen. As you can see in the video, you can record all the steps of your data discovery, queries, and graphics creations… and save the all page. It seems not really interactive, but narrative.

Adatao is an early stage company, developing its software since two years, in a garage, and already gaining some customers in telecommunication and finance. It has been underlined in public space following an investment of $13M leaded by Andreessen Horowitz, Netscape founder venture fund. We will see in the next months if Data Storytelling is really part of Adatao solution.

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