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Adobe Voice: a new way to tell modern stories based on pictures and voice

Posted on Friday, June 20th 2014

Easy to use and innovative: it’s how I could qualify Adobe Voice. Introduced by Adobe as an entertainment tool to share ideas, pictures, travel stories… it’s for me a new way to tell short stories in companies. Your Monday briefing will never be the same if, instead of a boring PowerPoint presentation; you share an Adobe Voice story.

Remember a long time ago, when people were meeting under a tree, around the old man of the village, listening to stories they already listen twenty times. It was the old times of storytelling.
In 2014 storytelling is a combination of images and voices. And it's not so easy to put a voice on images. How to add an explanation on a photo, how to tell a story by assembling screenshots and narration? You can try with PowerPoint, Photoshop, and other tools…that's not so user-friendly. That's why Adobe created Voice.

Adobe Voice is a mobile tool to create stories based on images and speeches. It's a mobile tool specially designed for iPad.

In corporate environment you can use it for the weekly presentation of the key figures, you can tell the story of a new customer signature, of your last corporate event, of your financial results for last quarter… It’s a voice-oriented alternative to PowerPoint.

First, when you launch the application on your iPad after downloading it from Appstore, you choose a template for your new story. You can begin with a blank page or use one provided templates. Each story is made of pages. And in each page, you will add an icon, a photo or a text.
You copy / paste the pictures of your story in Adobe Voice. Photos can be chosen from your iPad library, Adobe Lightroom, Facebook, Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, or you can just take one with the iPad camera. Of course, it can be photos from your corporate library. It can be screenshots from your lovely data visualization tool…
Just by taping or your iPad, you will record your voice, describe the image, and tell your story.
Of course, you can reorganize downloaded images, by drag and drop, to modify your story.
Each image has a length, depending or you audio comment. Or you can manually change the length of the page.
You can even add a background music from a catalog provided by Adobe or use a music downloaded on your iPad.
After testing and improving your short story (it can be until 90” length) you are ready to share it.
You can share it privately or publicly.
You can share it privately and just paste the link in an email. It’s always stored on And from your iPad you can directly share your story on Facebook, Twitter, by email or by iMessage.
And if you want to share it with everybody you can add your story to your gallery, which is visible for everybody.

If you try Adobe Voice to tell corporate stories, please share with us some examples of what you’ve done.

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