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After Mac version, is Tableau Software working on a new iPad version?

Posted on Sunday, May 18th 2014

We learned from well-informed sources that Tableau Software should actually work on a completely new version of its application on iOS. The goal should be to propose a native fully functional version of Tableau on iPad.

After Mac version, is Tableau Software working on a new iPad version?
The actual version of Tableau on iPad is limited to basic functions like downloading analysis from Tableau Server and browsing it on the tablet. Each software vendor faces the same limits. Maybe applications developed by Microstrategy and Yellowfin have more functions. But, none of them can create reports, graphics and analysis like on the desktop version.
If Tableau Software found the way and the resources to create a native fully functional iOS application, it will be a key differentiator on the tablet market. Some people can think that Mac market is too small for Tableau Software compared to PC market. But there’s no question for iPad market! Millions of iPads are used by professional and some companies – like SAP itself - invested millions in buying iPads for all their team.
Now listed on stock exchange, Tableau Software needs to publish great short-term figures to please financial analysts. But, they need to keep their innovation advance on a long-term basis too.
Connected to the investments Tableau made on Version 8.2 around data storytelling, an iPad application could be a great way to share and publish stories.

Everybody knows that Christian Chabot, founder of Tableau, is a real fan of Apple. His last keynote at Tableau Customer Conference in Washington, revealing the arrival of the Mac version in 2014, was underlining his attraction. Nothing has yet been announced nor confirmed by Tableau Software about this new iOS version. Next “moment” will be in September for TC14 in the home city of Tableau, Seattle. I really see the iPad version to be the “one more thing” of Christian Chabot’s keynote…

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