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Books scheduled for release in 2013 about business or data storytelling

Posted on Sunday, January 13th 2013

I love books! Because I can read them anywhere, because I can touch the paper, because I can write on it, because I can give them to someone, because I can keep them for decades without monitoring versions of my operating system or moving them from a device to another… I love printed books ☺

Books scheduled for release in 2013 about business or data storytelling
I listed all books scheduled for 2013 about Data Storytelling and already announced on Of course, things can change and some books will be delayed. And I hope new books will arrive. If you know something about a book I should add to this living list, please comment below.

This list is dedicated to books scheduled for 2013. If you know “old” books released in 2012, 2011, 2010... I should review here, please post a comment or send me an [email] and I will publish a review if I can find the time to read all of them!

- Interaktive Infografiken (German) 2013/03/28
- On Message: Precision Communication for the Digital Age (English) 2013/02/28
- 3D Storytelling: Stereoscopic Cinematography and Directing for Movies, TV, and Games (English) 2013/02/15
- Storytelling in Business: The Authentic and Fluent Organization (English) 2013/01/30

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1.Posted by Stela on 08/13/2014 12:19 PM
HI Philippe,

Did you find more cool books on data storytelling? :) We could exchange ideas on books - are you on goodreads?

Looking forward!

Best wishes,

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