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Cartoons backstage to tell your story

Posted on Friday, February 15th 2013

We know that cartoons have always been a great way to send a message. When a photograph is difficult to stage, creating a cartoon can be cheaper and quicker. It’s the same idea for an animated story where a printed comic strip or an animated cartoon can do the job.
In this storytelling, you go backstage and the story is told during the cartoons creations. You don’t only read or see the film; you see the designer’s work step by step; you see each pencil stroke. You engage the reader as he feels that the story is created in real time.
Of course, creating this video is a complex process. You need a professional designer, and you will surely have more editing that you can think when you just look at the result.
But it’s animated; it creates engagement from the reader; that’s a great job for a data storytelling!

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1.Posted by Philippe NIEUWBOURG on 02/18/2013 7:09 AM
Another great animated cartoon about music history is available here in Spanish. A story between timeline and mindmap.

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