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Do we need tools to create storyboards to prepare our data stories? - 07/01/2014

Some people think yes we did - that’s the reason to be of this blog – and some people think that paper is still the best way to prepare stories....

Data Storytelling : the art and science of social media metrics - 06/08/2013

"Understanding how your social campaign is performing requires a fine mix of data and interpretation, as many marketers know. But it’s not always as...

Storytelling with Data: What Are the Impacts on the Audience? - 06/08/2013

Storytelling with data visualization is still very much in its “Wild West” phase, with journalism outlets blazing new paths in exploring the...

Stories behind the story: do you tweet during TV shows? - 01/14/2013

Twitter knows it; of course! And they shared some information about tweets with their advertisers. - During dramas, people tweet before and after,...

Big Data is Neutral: A Tool for Both Good and Evil - 01/03/2013

The Human Face of Big Data is an ambitious project that aims to capture the "men, women, and children whose lives are being transformed by this data...
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