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Data + Design, a free ebook about Datavis

Posted on Tuesday, August 26th 2014

Thanks to more than 50 contributors from 14 countries, you can now download an eBook about design and data visualization for free. Not a white paper, written by a software vendor to promote one of its solution, but a compilation of chapters provided by professionals of their domain.

Data + Design, a free ebook about Datavis
Coordinated by Trina Chiasson, founder of, this 300 pages eBook can be red online or downloaded in PDF at: “This free, open source e-book was designed to help you learn about important data concepts in a friendly and fun way », explain Trina. « Whether you’re writing an article for your newspaper, showing the results of a campaign, introducing your academic research, illustrating your team's performance metrics, or shedding light on civic issues, you need to know how to present your data so that other people can understand it. Regardless of what tools you use to collect data and build visualizations, as an author you need to make decisions around your subjects and datasets in order to tell a good story. And for that, you need to understand key topics in collecting, cleaning, and visualizing data. »

Its main subject is data visualization but storytelling is a word you can find some occurrences during your reading. It has been written to help journalists to tell stories with their data, but other people can take advantages of this content.
For some experts, creating a graphic is already writing a story. Especially when you create advanced graphics including interactions and dynamic visualizations.
Using a data storytelling tool to compile graphics, images and audio in an interactive narration is one choice. But building an interactive graphic that tells a story is another one.

From basic to advance users, this eBook will give you tips and methods to create beautiful and meaningful visualizations of your data sets.

Another good news, for my readers from outside the English speaking world, this eBook will be translated in French and Spanish, thanks to the multicultural facets of Canada. If you want to suggest a chapter for the next edition, or if you have time to share for translation in French or Spanish, please contact me and I will forward your proposal to the project leader of your language version.

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