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Posted on Tuesday, January 1st 2013

The first question many of you will ask, and I have asked to myself, is: why opening this new website? And the best answer is not, “why not!” There are many reasons making I believe 2013 would be a major year for democratization of “data storytelling”. And as I love analyzing data and telling stories, I want to be part of that move.

Why this new website opening on 2013/01/01? opening today. Hello world!
Data Storytelling is a main trend to follow in 2013. Data aren’t new, even if some people have transformed “big data” into a religion. Storytelling isn’t new. And data visualization isn’t new at all! But, this combination of Big Data, Data Visualization and Storytelling bring a new way to share the value created by data analytics.

Why opening a “.TV” website?

To be honest… was already in use, moderated by Sveinung Skaalnes. And I encourage you to follow his very interesting work too.
My topic is really to talk about ways to tell stories about data… I needed to find a close domain name. And I realized that in 2013 you cannot just “write” about storytelling. YouTube is the second worldwide search engine. Dynamic and interactive content, and videos are the new standard for sharing data and stories about them.
As often it will be possible; all articles will include a video – or a new type of dynamic content. It could be a conference, an interview, a demonstration, a slideshow… and with this inaugural article I can only give a standing ovation to P Hans Rosling. During his keynotes and TV shows, he really leads us to this data storytelling approach. If you didn’t look yet at this work he created with BBC, don’t miss it!

What will be about?

An open list of tags can really describe better than sentences what I will try to follow:
Data, analytics, data visualization, interactive content, data journalism, dynamic content, storytelling, tools, methods, software, best practices, conferences, books, open data… and I will surely find others.

This website will not be about big data! I will not join here the voice of “big data is everywhere and everything.” Yes, many data stories are coming from big data containers, but that’s not my subject here. I will focus here on the process Data -> Visualization -> Stories.

How can we interact?

I hope this web site will be a new source of contacts, discussions, and even hot debates. And I really encourage all of you to share here your ideas and thoughts. You can comment all articles, you can share and discuss them on social networks and if you prefer private conversations, I will always read and try to answer all your emails. Don’t hesitate to get in touch at All suggestions and comments will be appreciated.

Happy New Year to all of you! And let 2013 be the year of Data Storytelling democratization!

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