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Datavis all over your body… You are the story!

Posted on Thursday, February 14th 2013

Datavis all over your body… You are the story!
Of course that’s art, not a serious data storytelling project. Your body can be a painting and can be full of tattoos. You can have one about your mother, your girlfriend, your cat, death, love, rock band… all you want to definitively write on you.

Why not figures, graphs, and infographics? That’s what a group of students from the Academy Of Fine Arts in Łódź imagined.

They imagined what could be a body dedicated to graphical information. You could tattoo the statistic you love the most, the chart you admire, the figures that define yourself…
And of course you will always have your “Bodypoint” with you… PowerPoint on your body!
I like the idea, but I dislike the idea of updates! If you have to suffer a lot every time a figure need to be changed, I assume your body will not be up-to-date…
And about interactivity and animation… the next step would be to transform your skin in a reactive surface where every pore of your skin would be a pixel.

… I will quickly go back to my iPad!

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