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Don’t forget animated GIFs!

Posted on Tuesday, February 26th 2013

Don’t forget animated GIFs!
On line with one my last post about simplicity, Oscars remembered me that you can tell a short story just with an animated GIF. That’s what Rich Juzwiak did for Gawkers. He transformed a few seconds of the TV show in an animated GIF. You can see the faces of all nominees in one category just seconds after the winner have been announced. Some smile, some laugh, some frown… it amazing to see these seconds again and again.
It’s very simple to create, and this creation remembers that by using the same simple technology to compare situations can tell an interesting story for a small budget. Just one GIF wouldn’t be enough. The story comes from the idea to compare situations using the same kind of images.

Look at Rich Juzwiak’s work at: [Watch Oscar Nominees Lose Again and Again]urlblank :

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