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New visual storytelling with Hans Rosling and… Bill Gates! - 04/29/2014

To be honest, I'm a real fan of Hans Rosling presentations. That's why I used a screenshot of his documentary on BBC as the header of this blog. And...

Riding the New Silk Road, a new interactive story provided by The New York Times - 07/21/2013

After the Snow Fall Project and other developments, The New York Times just released today a new story available on the web, for free. In this story,...

Hans Rosling has another story to tell us! - 07/21/2013

Hans Rosling, self entitled as « edutainer », is always traveling the world, with its PC, Gapminder, a couple of slides and a long stick. Less than...

A mix of data, sounds, voices, animation and images to reproduce Asiana 214 crash in SFO - 07/11/2013

On July 6th, an Asiana Airlines flight, coded 214, crashed when landing at SFO (San Francisco Airport). Five days after this accident, a video was...

Move it to Understand it: 24 hours of flights - 06/30/2013

Every moment of the day, hundreds of planes are flying from A to B somewhere on earth. Of course, you can print and study with your thick glasses,...
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