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Hans Rosling has another story to tell us!

Posted on Sunday, July 21st 2013

Hans Rosling, self entitled as « edutainer », is always traveling the world, with its PC, Gapminder, a couple of slides and a long stick. Less than two months ago, he was in Kuala Lumpur to speak with women at the « Women Deliver 2013 » conference.
And he talks about babies and contraceptives. And as usual it was really entertaining… even you will certainly find that it’s not the best « Rosling show » you ever saw… blame the jet lag of course!

And on the first slide of his presentation you will find this new word « edutainer ». I love this combination of education and entertainment. There’s not yet many people and companies using this word. « Edutainment in the digital age has led to adding a technology element to both education and entertainment. The development of edutainment apps for mobile phones, computers and tablets has further enhanced the motivating effect of edutainment », can you read on

Enjoy the show and share your appreciation of this new « Rosling show »!

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