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IBM tells us the story of computerized five senses

Posted on Tuesday, January 8th 2013

For its 2013 predictions, IBM focus this year on the five senses. According to researchers at Big Blue, Touch, Smell, Sight, Rearing and Taste will be the future of our relationship with computers. And it’s coming during the next years.
During decades, you were only able to see and touch – trough your keyboard – your computer. Since twenty years you can hear it, and talk to it since a couple of years. iPhone brought a new way to touch.
But smelling something from your computer today means that you will face a big problem! Tomorrow, computers will be able to synthesize smells to reproduce what you should be able to smell in a certain occasion… I’m sure that sex industry will have ideas… and food blogs too I hope!
And you will be able to taste something… I already imagine what tasting virus or bugs could be!
Touch will continue to evolve, and you will be able to feel a texture just touching your screen.

In this video, IBM tells us the story of these new data. Because you should never forget that all these new senses that computers will learn will generate more and more data.

To know more about IBM predictions go to

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