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Is storytelling the next step of visualization?

Posted on Sunday, February 17th 2013

That’s the subject of a paper written by Robert Kosara and Jock Mackinlay from Tableau Software. The article is available on the web and will be published in May issue of Computer. It will be published in a special issue of the magazine on cutting-edge research in visualization.

Is storytelling the next step of visualization?
Both of the authors are professors and researchers, and actually work for Tableau Software. Robert is Visual Analytics Researcher, and Jock is Senior Director of Visual Analytics.
Everybody knows now that Tableau Software actually prepares something to add storytelling capabilities to their leading visualization tool. This article published on Robert Kosara’s blog is a small window opened on actual work of Tableau Software’s research team. It’s a great job to synthesize the state of the art of visual storytelling. The chapter about the history of storytelling reminds us where we come from. I like the “storytelling scenarios” paragraph that show us that different solution needs to be proposed depending on the user, the context, and the audience.
Even shorter than expected, the paragraph about “learning from other disciplines” tells us that film, podcast, documentary, webdesign… are valuable sources to learn from, if you want to create a data storytelling software.

Now that I red this article… I am really waiting for insights from Tableau Software about what they will launch. I expect a lot! And I hope not to be disappointed. Storytelling for data is a huge opportunity for software vendors to bring their software to a new step.

Perhaps will we discover something in two weeks at Tapestry Conference … a one-day conference in Nashville organized about data storytelling, mainly sponsored by… Tableau Software ☺

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