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Miso Storyboard is a JavaScript library to manage transitions between scenes

Posted on Sunday, August 3rd 2014

It’s the very beginning of this project, as the team of Miso project just released a 0.0.1 Alpha version. But, the idea has to be highlighted from now on. Miso Project is a set of JavaScript libraries. It includes Miso Storyboard to manage transitions between scenes of a story.

Miso Storyboard is a JavaScript library to manage transitions between scenes
Not everybody wants to use commercial software. And data visualization (enhanced with Data Storytelling) is a battlefield for developers who want to test new technics. D3.js is since a long time a fantastic set of tools to create visual and interactive presentations.
Miso Project will be a set of tools for creating graphics and stories. Part of the project, d3.chart, is a framework for creating reusable charts with d3.js. And Dataset is “a JavaScript client-side data transformation and management library. Dataset makes managing client-side data easy by handling loading, parsing, sorting, querying & manipulating data from all sorts of sources”.

In Miso Storytelling, each part of a storyboard is a scene, like in movies. And to go from a scene to another one, you need a transition. Miso Storyboard is focusing on those transitions. «Ç Storyboard is a JavaScript library for managing the flow of interactive content and general application control flow logic., is explained on project website. «Ç Storyboard.js is a tiny library that allows one to define scenes and then define entry and exit methods for each scene. As the application progresses based on user actions or a predefined flow, the entry and exit functions execute in accordance with the switching of scenes. »È

You begin by creating a new storyboard with newStoryboard(options) function. After that, you will attach scenes to this newly created storyboard using method attach(name, parent) where parent is the name of the storyboard. Details of all available functions are at

As I said on first line, it’s the really beginning of this project. But, it seems interesting to keep an eye on it. Follow the releases and announcements of the Miso Project on @themisoproject

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