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Move it to Understand it: 24 hours of flights

Posted on Sunday, June 30th 2013

Every moment of the day, hundreds of planes are flying from A to B somewhere on earth. Of course, you can print and study with your thick glasses, hundreds of pages with all flights departing during one day sorted by… the age of the captain… would you really understand in 1’15” how the air traffic is evolving during a 24 hours time lapse? That’s where motion datavis comes with its global view. In this video provided with data from FlightState, NASA, zaqw and Technorama, you will understand how airline industry is today essential for life on earth. And you can imagine how our 2013 life would change if we needed to stop flying, for example to stop global warming.
More anecdotal, you will see that nobody fly over the Antarctic and that speed is growing over the Arctic. This last one is of course false; it’s just because the map is flat and distance at the top and bottom of the map are shorter on earth than on the map ☺

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