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New visual storytelling with Hans Rosling and… Bill Gates!

Posted on Tuesday, April 29th 2014

To be honest, I'm a real fan of Hans Rosling presentations. That's why I used a screenshot of his documentary on BBC as the header of this blog. And every new video released with him makes me curious.

The last one I discovered yesterday shows again the great storyteller he is. It's not a data storytelling video, but more a visual storytelling example.

And Hans Rosling is not the only star… Bill Gates himself is on stage with him. This video has been recorded to promote Bill Gates Foundation and their work to enhance child vaccination in the developing world. As a great actor Hans Rosling gave of oneself and explain the process of vaccine's supply chain from manufacturers to children in villages. He gives the opportunity to Bill Gates, much worst storyteller than Hans Rosling – my point of view, to visually explain how his Foundation will finance the distribution of vaccines to the twenty percent of children that don't have access to for now.

Incidentally, if you didn't register yet for the next Tableau Conference scheduled for September 8 in Seattle, hurry up! Hans Rosling will be there in person to give a keynote at the conference and highlight the Tableau move to data storytelling. I will be there of course, too! Registration is here.

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