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Nike is searching for a Data Storytelling Manager… how many of us could apply?

Posted on Friday, June 7th 2013

Nike is searching for a Data Storytelling Manager… how many of us could apply?
It has been revealed this week on Nike’s job website: the company is searching for one of the first data storytelling manager. The concept is new, few people on earth already have the skills and I never saw this kind of job posting.
If you want to look at the specs and eventually apply, it’s on
Even if the position includes many traditional skills in Business Intelligence, KPI’s, analytics, social network… it’s interesting to see that “data storytelling” is clearly not only in the title. “Proactively understand the "story" behind the numbers and prepare materials to share those stories across the Digital Brand Community org and across other functions and senior leadership. Analyze weekly, monthly and quarterly reports to understand the fluctuations in data and identify trends to optimize patterns of community management success »È, can you read in the detailed job description.

I really hope and believe that data storytelling jobs will be mainstream in a couple of years; but I hope too to remember that this one would be the first I ever saw.

Did you already notice other jobs including “data storytelling” in their title? Please post links in comments if you already have.

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