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PowerPoint killer Bunkr raises $1.5 million from French investors

Posted on Wednesday, May 14th 2014

Bunkr Team
Bunkr Team
Alexis Jamet, Edouard Petit and Jean-Christophe Fossati want to replace Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote in manager’s toolbox. They believe it’s time to reinvent the way you tell stories in the digital age. The young startup raised 1 million euros (around $1.5 million) from Indinvest Partners, Xavier Niel (founder of Free, the French ISP) and Daniel Marhely, co-founder of Deezer. The amount seems very modest, but that’s not so bad for a first round in France.
Bunkr is not so different from PowerPoint and Keynote, but the ten people team added mobile, social and collaboration functions in the core of the product. And Bunkr makes easier the curation of photos and videos from the web to add into your presentations.

Bunkr announce 50,000 users, which are mostly free users. The premium version cost $5 per month and add private presentations, collaboration, unlimited space… Bunkr is an HTML5 SaaS tool and your presentations are stored online.

Even if social and collaborative functions are important, Bunkr don’t have yet the killer function that will really force users to change their habits. The way you tell stories in Bunkr seems very close to a PowerPoint presentation with slides, content, navigation… The team needs to invent something really disruptive. SaaS model is a trend in every IT business, but professional speakers don’t want to depend on an Internet connection or the server availability. Bunkr needs to develop a local backup solution to secure professional speakers, like Prezi did.
Bunkr makes the curation of content from the Internet easier. But, good presentations are not a melting pot of things you found on the web. Good stories need an original slideshow.
It seems to me that Bunkr is a great PowerPoint alternative, but I don’t see yet in their product, the magical touch that will make me stops using PowerPoint and Keynote as a storytelling support. Maybe in a next version!

Official embedded Bunkr presentation using Bunkr :-)

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1.Posted by Jerome on 05/14/2014 3:42 PM (from a mobile)
The embed presentation is not well displayed on mobile :( Why is that? I thought bunkr was also about displaying prensentations on mobile the right way. Am I wrong?

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