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Qlik is finally coming to Data Storytelling with Qlik Sense

Posted on Friday, July 25th 2014

Qlik, formerly know as QlikView, is preparing its “next” version. It was a private joke between Donald Farmer and me, but after waiting for a long time to see the “Next” version it seems that Qlik has found a way to come back on the market. After leading the beginning of the century with its agile BI innovation, Qlik let Tableau take the stage and become a leader of easy-to-use BI for-you-and-me. Qlik was surely working but not talking enough about what they were working on.

As this blog is focusing on Data Storytelling, the video Qlik released yesterday was a red code for us. Will finally Qlik enter the Data Storytelling market? And how will they differentiate from Tableau or Yellowfin?

The video is very short but gives an overview of how Qlik will fulfill Data Storytelling capabilities.

The already-known concept of “slides” seems the root of Qlik Sense Data Storytelling module; a good way to attract all PowerPoint users. Each slide is a combination of graphics, images, and texts; all slides create a “guided story” or a “pathway” to use Qlik terminology.
During your business discovery, you find an interesting point you want to keep as a moment of your story. You click on the top right of the window and keep a snapshot of your moment. Of course it’s a dynamic screenshot, connected to your data. I didn't check that yet inside Qlik, but I can't imagine they developed a ‘dead snapshot function!

When creating your story, you will go back to your snapshot library and copy-paste to the slides of your story. In the data storytelling module, you will organize snapshots and slides to create your story. You can add effects on a snapshot like a smart “lowest value” or “highest value” to draw attention of your attendees to what you want to highlight.
Your story is interactive and during your presentation you can go back to live analysis and answer more precise questions coming from your audience.

Qlik Sense Data Storytelling is a module available from Qlik Sense Desktop or Qlik Sense Server.

My analysis is that vendors should not mistake a slideshow, which is a compilation of dashboards, with a real story. If Data Storytelling is only a suite of dashboards assembled in a presentation, it’s an evolution but not a revolution, compared to Microsoft PowerPoint. A story is much more than that: it’s a narrative schema, it’s interaction, it’s characters, it’s living presentations, etc.

As with other vendors, this first version of Qlik Sense Data Storytelling module will positively call for improvements. And as with other vendors what seem missing in Qlik Sense is; multilevel narrative schema, dynamic visualizations, and multimedia recording and export to share an audio and video story. We will see during ‘next’ Qlik event, in November, what the company is working on.

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