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Stories behind the story: do you tweet during TV shows?

Posted on Monday, January 14th 2013

Do you tweet during TV shows? During dramas, reality shows, investigating shows, movies…?

Twitter knows it; of course! And they shared some information about tweets with their advertisers.
- During dramas, people tweet before and after, but keeps focus on TV during the show;
- During movies, people tweet during notable scenes but not a lot between;
- During investigating shows, people tweet before, during, and after. It’s the category that engages the most people in a relationship between what they see and what they tweet;
- During reality shows, people tweet a lot at the beginning but it decrease during all the show.

You can read details about this on

Another interesting figure would have been to correlate tweets and audience. Analyzed figures seem absolute values. If audience decreases during the show, it's normal to record a decreasing number of tweets.

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