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Adatao record your business discovery as a story - 08/13/2014

Another way to tell a story is just to linearly add each step after the previous one. That’s how Adatao imagines its “Visual Data Narratives”...

Miso Storyboard is a JavaScript library to manage transitions between scenes - 08/03/2014

It’s the very beginning of this project, as the team of Miso project just released a 0.0.1 Alpha version. But, the idea has to be highlighted from...

Qlik is finally coming to Data Storytelling with Qlik Sense - 07/25/2014

Qlik, formerly know as QlikView, is preparing its “next” version. It was a private joke between Donald Farmer and me, but after waiting for a long...

Idaciti: Data Storytelling for finance is really born - 07/15/2014

I already talked here about Tidemark, Domo, and other emerging idea around data storytelling for corporate finance. During the last months some...

Pixotale, a simple tool to tell stories based on images, maps and texts - 07/07/2014

In our world of data storytelling, all stories are made from the same ingredients: graphics, images, text, maps, audio and video. That's it! For...
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