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TouchViz: an academic project to play with data on iPad

Posted on Sunday, June 9th 2013

Jeffrey Rzeszotarski is a PhD student and Aniket Kittur is an assistant professor, both from the Human Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, self proclaimed the «School of Computer Science ».

They released a demo of a great data gaming tool where users can really play with complex data just touching their iPad screen. “TouchViz is a system for playing with multivariate data. By interacting with a sandbox of datapoints, it's easy to find complex, multidimensional trends in a short amount of time.”, are they explaining beside the video they posted on YouTube. “We hope to release TouchViz to the App Store in 2013, and are interested in potential collaborations and licensing of the IP. This video was shot in September, 2012.

The tablet market is climbing, especially in high-level business user’s briefcases. And data consumers want to take control of their data. It makes sense to create mobile software that helps the user to explore and manipulate data.
But… the main paradox of data storytelling is to combine narrative and interaction. The most interaction you give to the customer, the less narrative you can impose. TechViz seems a fantastic graphical data-mining tool for users but to tell a story it will need barriers to guide the user inside the story.

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