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Visual Radio: a prototype back from 2011

Posted on Friday, February 15th 2013

Focus is often put on graphics as core of a data storytelling. We all know that one graphic is equal to thousand words. But, Data Storytelling is not only an assembly of graphics with a small narration as glue between images. Narration could be the core of the story.

Visual Radio: a prototype back from 2011
I assume that in a near future we will more focus on the text, the story line, and the voice, all the audio part of a data storytelling.

Interesting to go back up from 2011 with this experience of a visual radio creating in French by Studio Imaginaire; it’s in French but easy to understand. It’s what we could call a visual podcast. Based on a real radio show, developers added a visual time line to the audio one. You can listen to the content and see graphics, images, and text related to the content you are listening to. You can interact and choose which part of the time line, which chapters, you want to listen (and visualize).

It’s an interesting architecture where speech is the core of the message, and graphics are the illustration. It’s where “visual radio” is different from “television”.
It’s only a prototype (code is provided by Studio Imaginaire to be commented and reused) but it can give some directions. Interactive content, animations could be added.

The main idea is that audio can be the core of your data storytelling.

Details of the project (in French) are available at:
Live project is available at:

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