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Who will tell the story of your data? You or an avatar?

Posted on Saturday, February 16th 2013

Data Storytelling is about telling stories based on data… Right… But who will tell the stories?

It can be:
- You recording your own voice,
- You recording your voice and image in a video,
- A colleague or friend if you are afraid to do it yourself and found someone who wants to,
- A professional actor you paid for,
- … Or an avatar!

That’s what you will be able to do with Guide, a Miami based company. Initially, Guide wants to convert reading in talking. You don’t want to read anymore… that’s sad from my point of view, but Guide will transform your reading in a TV show where an avatar you choose can read the news for you.
For a blogger, it will transform its content into a news show.

Used in a data storytelling contest, we could imagine that the story of your data will be told by this kind of avatar, based on the story you prepared and wrote.
Much cheaper than a professional actor, much geeky than your own image on a green screen, but rhythm, tone, intensity of the voice is… electronic… not sure that everybody will love it. But at the beginning it can be an eccentric way to mobilize readers.

To experiment Guide, go to:
Or follow them on Twitter:

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