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A free and collaborative taxonomy of Data Storytelling tools

Posted on Sunday, April 7th 2013

To summarize my investigations around data storytelling tools I created a mind map. This map will be an up-to-date taxonomy / ontology / typology, of software available on the market, to create stories around data. It’s a work in progress, and I will add tools, remove tools maybe, and add links, information, and comments… And I will continue to share it with the community.
Actually, I identified six categories: Business Intelligence tools, Presentation tools, Graphical tools, Web documentary tools, Development tools, and Other tools.

A free and collaborative taxonomy of Data Storytelling tools
From my point of view, there is actually on the market no real data storytelling tool. You can pick one or a couple of storytelling functions in each identified tool. But there’s a long road until we could buy a user-oriented data storytelling and presentation tool. And no one can tell today if it will come from the Presentation category (adding data capabilities to PowerPoint; for example), from the BI category (adding presentation capabilities to BI tools), or from storytelling tools like web documentary software adding data and graphics. Data Storytelling tools are a new market. Interesting times will come during the next years.

If you know a data storytelling tool I forgot, or if you have any comment about one of the tools I referenced, please share your thought. You can comment this article or send me an email at

Of course, you can use the map, reproduce it, modify it for your own research, but I would appreciate if you keep a link with this blog, mentioning author’s name and blog’s URL.

I created the map using Xmind. A free version of Xmind is available on their web site. If you use another mind mapping tool, you can import this Xmind map in your own tool.

The Data Storytelling tools map is available at:

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